ASIC Accreditation

Following widespread and increasing concern over the behaviour of some international independent and private colleges, the UK Government identified the need for a more rigorous system for accrediting education institutions involved in recruiting overseas students. This is mandatory for education providers, wishing to bring overseas students into the UK, to get accreditation with a Quality Assurance Body.
ASIC, therefore fully recognises the pressing need for a robust and transparent approach to ensuring that colleges, to the best of their ability, only recruit genuine and appropriately qualified students and that they provide the best possible student experience in terms of the students achieving their maximum academic potential whilst having their social and pastoral needs fully addressed.Leaders College London is accredited by ASIC



ABP Accreditation

The Association of Business Practitioners (ABP) is a UK awarding body which possesses expertise in developing and accrediting qualifications of different sizes and levels relevant to a wide range of industry sectors. ABP enjoys a close relationship with The Association of Business Executives (ABE), an awarding body established in 1973, operating in over 70 countries and fully recognised by the UK regulatory authorities for qualifications. ABP clients are the employers and educators who seek to provide their staff and students with high-quality, relevant qualifications. Our products and services include a wide range of standard ‘off-the-shelf’ qualifications, based on the latest occupational standards and available to any centres (employers, training providers, colleges, etc.) around the world. We also welcome the opportunity to accredit or endorse existing ‘in-house’ programmes and to develop bespoke programmes based on local, regional, national or industry-specific requirements, thus enhancing their credibility and popularity.


Accreditation with CTH

CTH provides recognised standards of vocational and management syllabi, examinations and awards for the hotel and travel industries. CTH works with approved centres worldwide and is acknowledged by leading hotel and travel industry organisations. CTH is an awarding body approved by Ofqual, DCELLS and CCEA who are the official regulators of qualifications, exams and tests in England, Wales and Northern Ireland respectively.

Accreditation with BCS

BCS is the leading professional body for those working in IT. BCS have over 68,000 members in more than 100 countries and are the qualifying body for Chartered IT Professionals (CITP). BCS is also an international awarding body for a wide range of qualifications for both users of IT and IT specialists.
Following courses are available with BCS.
Certificate, Diploma & Professional Graduate Diploma in IT.

Organisation of Hospitality & Tourism Professionals

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